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Students can come to Green Gables and directly experience what life was like growing up in Melbourne in the late 1800's.  They will have the hands-on experience of making soap and ice cream! They will enjoy learning about the history of Melbourne and other founding families and discover the joy of playing actual games children in the 1800-1900's played on the grounds that were common at the time.

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My Green Gables Experience

by Christian A. Thein

My first encounter with Green Gables was on a fieldtrip when I was in fifth grade. I love history, so attending this was an honor. Our teacher, Mrs. Ambrose was as excited as I was. We would make real soap and play games from the time when Green Gables was first built, in the 1800’s. We also would tour the house itself, seeing where the family would relax, sleep, eat, play, and host guests.  
When we arrived at Green Gables, we met the conservation president, John Daly. He introduced the monument to us and told us a bit of Its history. I was fascinated as we began with our first activity--making honey goatmilk soap! Apart from the modern convenience and time saving of using frames and a microwave to finalize the project, it was a process much like the Wells family used so many years prior. We then played some games like hoop racing and marbles just like the family’s children would’ve done so long ago. Finally, we toured the house to see the guest room, kitchen, living room and other rooms.
In its present state, Green Gables may not be much to look at from the outside, the inside is showing its age as well. There are efforts underway to raise money to help save, restore and preserve Green Gables and keep it as a piece of history in Brevard County. It provides a fun place to go for fieldtrips and a lot can be learned about history when you can see it with your own eyes! We have much to learn from our past, and too many of our local historic buildings have been destroyed or lost.
If Green Gables isn’t conserved it could well become another gas station, parking lot, or condo, and another one of Florida’s historic monuments would be gone forever! Recently, this past Christmas, I took part in a live nativity event at Green Gables and played the part of a shepherd. I feel maybe it was a bit of fate that I got to play that part, because I feel that I am one of the many shepherds of Green Gables, looking out and trying to protect it. Green Gables has earned many of my teacher’s hearts and their efforts of conservation as well. The whole community is coming together in events to help preserve and protect this piece of history in our backyard. 

I’ll continue to help in any way I can, I will help stand up for Green Gables!