Together we can SAVE Green Gables for future generations!

Together we can SAVE Green Gables for future generations!

Together we can SAVE Green Gables for future generations!Together we can SAVE Green Gables for future generations!

While preserving an historic riverfront "green space" from commercial development.

Time is of the essence

Under 5 Minutes For Large Impact!


Let's Ask Ellen for Help

Ellen Degeneres loves to help good causes. So why not ask Ellen to help us save Green Gables? If many of us write as advocates of why saving Green Gables is important, we will get her attention. What a great way to bring national awareness to our historic treasure. Just click on the link below to fill out the form. Super simple! Thank you.

Adam Cohen's Discusses Green Gables

After a recent screening of 'Forgotten Enchantress,' Adam Cohen gave a heartfelt discussion on why we should save Green Gables. Bravo! Thank you Adam!

Bring Hope and Fun Back to Your Community!

Rainbow Trail Project

April 1st-15th! Participate in this exciting project! It's easy, gives families a fun, safe thing to do and alerts the community to individuals and businesses who care! Click below to see the photos people have submitted so far! Share on your social media pages!  Use hashtags: #rainbowsofhope and #savegreengables

1896 to 2020 & BEYOND

Green Gables Documentary

A professional documentary, 'Forgotten Enchantress' about the enchanting, true story of Green Gables, will be shown at Florida Tech in the Olin Engineering Complex, Auditorium #118 on 3/6/2020 at 7:00pm.  CLICK HERE to view all the Upcoming Events!


Watch Now

We are in a huge time crunch.
As of April 15, 2020 the property will be sold for commercial gain. For every $10 donation, you will receive an exclusive link so you can view the documentary in full. Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution.



April 15th, 2020 is coming quickly.

Why is saving Green Gables so Important?

The acquisition and restoration of Green Gables is not just about preserving an old house from the wrecking ball. It is so much more than that. Green Gables is the historic home of the Wells family, one of the generous benefactors who played a key role in the development of the early Melbourne community. Their vision and their generosity gifted us with the first auditorium, the first library, the first high school, and Wells Park, all of which have been enjoyed by so many for several generations. 

Riverfront Access

Green Gables is a historic site located on 1.15 acres of prime riverfront green space. Through the dedication of many volunteers, the grounds and home have already been enjoyed by thousands of visitors. Students have begun field trips to experience a hands-on living history education program. In just a few years, Green Gables has become a vibrant hub of activity for our community.

At Risk of Losing It All

There is no second chance or backup property.  This is the one and only opportunity to preserve this historic site for our community. The Wells family legacy has one final opportunity to provide us with a lasting treasure that will continue to be a thriving center, a living educational experience, and a vibrant green space for generations to enjoy. If we don't seize the opportunity now, the house will be demolished and the property purchased by just one more commercial developer. 

Will You Please Help?

Our staff is currently seeking all available grants to help purchase and restore Green Gables, but it will also take the generosity of our residents, benefactors, and caring individuals. Please consider donating now.




Living History Education Program & Education Center

Living History Education Program & Education Center

Living History Education Program & Education Center

Available Now: Students can come to Green Gables and directly experience what life was like growing up in Melbourne in the late 1800's.  They will enjoy hands-on experiences of making soap and ice cream, while learning about the history of Melbourne and several founding families. They will learn through play, by playing actual games on the grounds, that were common in the 1800's.


Green Gables Trolley

Living History Education Program & Education Center

Living History Education Program & Education Center

Future Option: Visitors can hop on and off the Green Gables Trolley and travel to all of the local historic sites as well as the downtown district of Melbourne. Future routes will include a direct link from downtown Melbourne to the Eau Gallie Arts District. 


Community Events

Living History Education Program & Education Center

Community Events

Available Now: Green Gables is a historical home located on the Riverfront available to serve the greater Space Coast area for:

  • Outside Events
  • Inside Meetings
  • Classes
  • Themed Parties
  • Shows
  • Educational tours
  • Weddings
  • Family Gatherings
  • Photo & Film Shoots

Be a Green Gables Hero!

Thank You for your Donation

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and save Green Gables for future generations.


My Green Gables Experience

by Christian A. Thein

My first encounter with Green Gables was on a fieldtrip when I was in fifth grade. I love history, so attending this was an honor. Our teacher, Mrs. Ambrose was as excited as I was. We would make real soap and play games from the time when Green Gables was first built, in the 1800’s. We also would tour the house itself, seeing where the family would relax, sleep, eat, play, and host guests. (This is just an excerpt from his letter).

Read the Full Letter


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